"Whether you own a single-family home or a multi-unit apartment complex,

- Kaycee Fitzgerald,365bet真人体育总监


Leominster365bet真人体育 莱明斯特是伍斯特郡第二大城市, 人口刚刚超过40,000当地居民. This historic community traces its roots back several hundred years. 曾经居住在潘纳库克和尼普穆克土著美洲部落, Leominster later become a popular destination for European settlers in the 17th century. 在这几十年里, 莱明斯特经历了一系列戏剧性的变化, transforming itself from a sleepy agricultural region to a powerhouse of modern manufacturing.

今天,莱明斯特基本上是一个居住城市. 距离波士顿仅48英里, many commuters with young families choose to put down roots in the area. The city's North Leominster station provides continual service to downtown Boston.


Leominster's close proximity to larger communities in Central Massachusetts is but one of its many charms. This vibrant New England destination is divided into a number of "villages,每一个都有自己独特的特征. Notable villages in Leominster include French Hill, the Bowery, and the West Side. The city also counts numerous recreational spaces and cultural hot spots among its points of interest. From the sprawling open spaces of Doyle Community Park to the stunning historic architecture of destinations like the Congregation Agudat Achim synagogue and St. Leo's church, Leominster truly has something for everyone to enjoy.


Whether you're currently looking to expand your real estate holdings in Central Massachusetts or you own a Leominster rental home and need some assistance maximizing its full potential, working with a professional property manager can help you meet your investment goals. 在7山365bet真人体育公司, we have the local expertise and know-how you need to optimize your property for success.

学习 more about how to boost your earnings and keep your home healthy for years to come. 安排今天与我们团队的一名成员进行免费咨询.






Find the right tenant for your property with our marketing team working on your behalf. 我们努力宣传你的职位空缺.


Every application we receive undergoes rigorous screening to ensure we place the best tenant in your home. 我们清除坏苹果 & 找到合格的租房者.


Keep your property in top shape by letting us handle maintenance for you. We process incoming requests, coordinate repairs, and make sure all work meets our strict standards.


厌倦了每个月向房客索要租金? 让我们负责每月的账单和收款工作. 这是让你按时付款的最简单的方法.


We schedule frequent inspection visits to make certain tenants respect the terms and conditions of their leases. 这些访问提供了无与伦比的内心的平静.


It's never been easier to keep tabs on your property's performance. Log into the portal at any time to view recent reports, statements, and account notes.


不要发现自己被一个噩梦般的房客困住了. 让我们带你了解一下驱逐的法律程序. When all is said and done, we'll find a great new tenant for the property.


Keep yourself protected and avoid taking unnecessary financial risks. 我们的队伍监督条例 & 住房指导方针,影响你的家,让你遵守.




We understand how important your real estate investment is to you and we want to do our best to answer your questions and concerns. Our team is readily available by phone, email, and via the portal system. We return your messages promptly and are always happy to speak with you.


一些物业经理还停留在过去, using old methods to get the most out of the homes in their portfolios. 我们的做法有点不同, with online account portals that allow tenants to make payments and repair requests online. 您还可以在几次点击中查看您的语句. 这是看待365bet真人体育的一种新方式.


不要被一个瞒着你的物业经理困住. 在7山365bet真人体育公司, we do our utmost to keep you informed and never try to sweep unpleasant details under the rug. We want you to rest easy knowing you're working with a trustworthy partner.


The 7山365bet真人体育 team has successfully helped countless homeowners across Central Massachusetts to get more out of their rentals. 这是你可以依靠的经验在你的财产. We call ourselves experts for a reason: we know what it takes to get you the best possible results.




“我已经和7 Hills合作好几年了. 他们管理我的房产,处理房客问题 & 找到优质的租户,在这三个方面都做得很好. Any problems or issues are addressed promptly and questions or requests are given immediate attention. 他们24小时的租客服务让我安心. 我向任何房东强烈推荐!"

 - Charles Ball,满意的客户


"We have worked with 7山365bet真人体育 for nearly seven years and have only had positive experiences.  从简单的垃圾处理到复杂的365bet真人体育和修复, 7山365bet真人体育按时按预算交付."

- 比尔 C,满意的客户


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我们知道联邦的核心. 我们知道租房.

If you own a Massachusetts rental home and are ready to work with a professional property manager, 你可能会因为面前的众多选择而不知所措. How can you find a management firm with the experience and expertise you need to obtain great results? 在7山365bet真人体育公司, we don't make big claims to get you to sign on the dotted line. We simply commit to providing you with the very best management possible.

你是否在伍斯特有房子, 莱斯特, 帕克斯顿, 或西波依斯顿, our team of real estate professionals is eager to help you meet your investment goals. We're not a big franchise operation looking to milk your property for all its worth. Our locally based team calls Central Massachusetts home, and we know the ins and outs of this market. We do our best to ensure every one of our clients receives the best care and we work to earn your trust.